Being still enough to change direction

Solstice is a phenomenon that describes the sun as it appears to stand still before shifting its trajectory in the sky. In addition to celebrating the arrival of summer, I feel that summer solstice for me is a time to reflect on how I experienced winter and spring: did I go skiing, was it a mild or harsh winter, was spring particularly colorful, did I celebrate the planting of new seeds and the birth of something new, did I go home for Mardi Gras, … all sorts of questions come to mind for reflection. I also realize that it’s a time to maybe slow down a tad and take stock. In this way I can maintain and slow my current course as I prepare to shift into a new season and a new time of year, or life.

Today marks the beginning of a new season for the Northern Hemisphere, for the Southern Hemisphere, and for David Rojas. In what ways can you intentionally notice and bring about those changes that you want to evolve today?