Whether you want to make progress in subtle or more large-scale change in your life, coaching may just be the key you've been looking for to help you unlock and open those doors that lead to your own transformation.  As your coach, I can serve as a catalyst for you to start dissolving, removing, and overcoming some of those barriers that may have blocked you in the past as we begin co-creating strategies for fulfillment and success together.

Coaching can address specific personal projects, business success, relationship growth, or general conditions in various areas of your personal or professional life.  Our sessions together will fit your schedule and be from 60 up to 90 minutes.  We can meet via phone, Skype, or Google Hangout.  Throughout the process, we'll engage in value clarification, brainstorming, creative visualization, progressive relaxation, identifying plans of action, and examining modes of operating in life.  Along your journey you will be tasked with and held accountable to requests that leave you feeling more and more empowered with each session.

My work is about loving connection, healing transformation, and successful manifestation through powerful coaching questions, neurolinguistic programming techniques, and hypnotherapy.  These tools are all tailored to meet you exactly where you are now and help you discover and move toward what you choose to do next.  Based on your visiting this page, you are probably already prepared and willing to take steps toward accomplishing your goals and maybe even realizing your as yet unspoken dreams!

Contact me today to get the ball rolling in a new direction.