Metamorphosis Oils

Below is a set of condition oils designed to attune and transform your awareness. They are hand-crafted in alignment with astrological allies and temporal energies to support my clients' mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations.

In creating these oils, the spirits of the individual herbs and roots are called in and honored separately. The conjunct of herbal elements is then recognized and honored as an integrated force supporting the oil's intention to align your mind, heart, body, and spirit to...

Oil: Blessed Mother on Square Market commune gracefully with the Divine Feminine of the Blessed Mother Oil: Clear Intuition on Square Market enhance the awareness & strength of your true inner knowing
Oil: Purge & Purify on Square Market eliminate energetic poisons & purify the whole system
Oil: Heal & Protect on Square Market heal wounds or transgressions and create a protective shield Oil: Spread the Love on Square Market accept, generate, and share sweet, nurturing love for self & others
Oil: Bountiful Cornucopia on Square Market create and appreciate abundance all around Oil: Command Respect on Square Market present your best self, thoughts, and feelings so respect & influence are naturally yours
Oil: Voodoo Nights on Square Market engender a magical, sultry sensuality that inspires passion & desire Oil: Soaring Success on Square Market celebrate all your triumphs & manifest your dreams

Every ½ oz. bottle is adorned by hand with visual reminders that further focus your awareness: a ribbon whose knots are each tied with powerful intention, a charm that serves as a symbol for the subconscious mind, and a beautiful label designed by and featuring the imagery of acclaimed artist Terese Nielsen.