Metamorphosis Gris Gris

Below is a collection of gris gris designed to attune and transform your awareness. To greatly (and perhaps overly) simplify things, gris gris can be considered a magico-religious charm to effect or support a desired metamorphosis you are creating in your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual life. It can be worn around part of the body relevant to the intention or wherever you feel drawn to wear it or keep it to best bring about your desired outcome.

The spirits of the individual herbs, roots, bones, and minerals utilized in making these gris gris are called, honored, and melded together. Then the conjunct of herbal spirits is recognized once they elements are integrated into the vessel for the purpose of the gris gris.

Each bottle contains a hand-written magical petition that has been dressed with a corresponding oil and prayed over. There are 6 ingredients in the bottle you will receive. The 7th is your own. You should add a small bit of personal material into the bottle (strand of hair, tiny piece of significant clothing, etc.). Once complete, the bottle can be sealed by melting the enclosed sealing wax over the cork, signifying a consciously affirmed and signed contract with the work.

Each gris gris sachet also includes a small vial of hand-crafted condition oil for periodically dressing yourself, the bottle, and other items when working toward your intended purpose.

on Square Market commune gracefully with the Divine Feminine of the Blessed Mother on Square Market enhance the awareness & strength of your true inner knowing
on Square Market establish, maintain, or heal relationships with the ancestors (known & unknown) on Square Market eliminate energetic poisons & purify the whole system
on Square Market heal wounds or transgressions and create a protective shield on Square Market accept, generate, and share sweet, nurturing love for self & others
on Square Market create and appreciate abundance all around on Square Market present your best self, thoughts, and feelings so respect & influence are naturally yours
on Square Market engender a magical, sultry sensuality that inspires passion & desire on Square Market celebrate all your triumphs & manifest your dreams

Every decorative bottle is meticulously adorned by hand with colorful thread whose knots are tied with powerful intention. The style of the bottle was chosen to serve as a visual symbol for the conscious mind and subconscious mind to further focus your awareness.