Balancing Self & Other: From Supermoon Eclipse in Aries to New Moon in Libra

Over the course of the next two weeks, we evolve through the the first 7 signs of the Zodiac, beginning today with a Full Moon in Aries and working our way toward a New Moon in Libra on October 12. Today's post is an intro to kick off that adventure. After you've read this article, if you're curious about going deeper, I'm sharing an invitation for you to join me for a personalized, in-depth exploration of Self & Other on an Astro-Spiritual journey.

The Magic of Contrast & Relationships

Today let's play with the contrast between the apparent waning of light and energy following tonight's eclipsed full moon with the moon's progression and development on its evolutionary journey through the heavens.

One way to work with this contrast between diminishing energy and growth or evolution is to allow ourselves to progressively let go of the emotional attention we've paid to certain connections or aspects of relationships that have not been healthy for us in the past while we actively fill the void with elements that benefit our individual growth and support healthy connections with what and who we find in our environments.

If you've been paying attention, you'll remember that these relationships might be between you and other people or between you and something else: an object, an event, a place, etc. In other words, between you and any entity that is separate from you. I'd go as far as to say that these entities may even be internal. There might be part of you that somehow feels separate from other parts. No matter what the two players are, I often say that the magic happens in the in-between: in how two entities are related. Find the relevant relationship in your life that truly requires your attention and is ready for a tune-up, and get ready to work magic in that relationship over the next two weeks.

If energy flows where attention goes, then let's keep the general decrease of light & energy as a backdrop while we maintain primary focus on the moon's progression. While you're letting unhelpful, unnecessary aspects of the relationship fade, you can actively create change you want to see come to life in the way you relate to that Other (going forward, I'll simply refer to that other entity as "Other" for convenience).

Astrological Context

This active progression forward will astrologically be from the signs of Aries to Libra (by way of Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, and Virgo). Each of these provides the settings for a scene in which the moon is acting & interacting. The moon is the heavenly actor associated with how our emotions (and habitual responses) tend to show up.

With the Sun in Libra at present and Mercury retrograde in Libra until Friday October 9, this is a superb time to turn your thoughts backward & inward (Mercury retrograde) to reflect on the quality of your one-to-one interactions (Libra) with that Other you thought of earlier. In alignment with the moon's progress, this journey will carry your perspective from inward to outward, from private facing to public facing, from seeing yourself as independent to seeing yourself with respect to others. The arc makes its way
  • from ARIES, the sometimes chaotic, raw origin of an individual, independent self
  • to LIBRA, the context for developing objectivity by relating to others in shared experiences.

Lunar Reflection Exercises

  • Beginning with today's full moon and continuing for (at least) the next two weeks, you'll want to observe your emotional evolution on a daily basis.
  • Check in to see what your responses are to various situations and people, particularly those related to that Other you came up with earlier.
  • Thinking about the way in which you related to that Other, what past habits have you turned to that you're now ready to let fade away?

Lookin' Up: Full Moon in Aries - Sunday September 27, 2015

Full Moon Total Eclipse in Aries, September 2015. Sacred Sites Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena
Today's full moon and total lunar eclipse takes place in Aries. Here are some specifics, all in PDT*:
  • Total lunar eclipse, peaking at 7:47pm 
    • Partial eclipse begins at 6:07pm
    • Full eclipse begins at 7:11pm
    • Total eclipse peaks at 7:47pm
    • Total eclipse ends at 8:23pm
    • Partial eclipse ends at 9:27pm
*In case you're operating in a timezone other than Pacific Daylight Time today, you can see when the peak eclipse time is where you are using this time zone converter. If you can't see it outside for some reason, you can find out where & how to watch today's total eclipse online here.


Aries sets the stage with an almost primordial energy, that of the spark of life, the beginning of everything. With this full moon in Aries, it's like a cool, emotional Big Bang, kids. Where do you want to go from here? In this sign there is so much creative potential that anything and everything is possible.

As with the beginning stage of any voyage, however, things can sometimes be a little rough around the edges as we find our footing and learn how to blaze new trails and navigate new waters.
  • It's exciting to think about the potential for all those stimulating emotional connections to come, isn't it?
  • You bet!
Given that the moon is in Aries, you may feel a bit emotionally impatient or even impulsive in the next couple of days. In fact, tonight's full moon is what's referred to as a "supermoon" (which simply means that the moon is at its orbital perigee, the closest point to Earth, and consequently can seem a bit larger & brighter). Given the moon's proximity to Earth, its gravitational pull is strengthened. The emotional ramifications may be more significant (as are the stakes associated with rash emotional behavior).

Remember at this time that you're in a reflection phase. Your sitting on a launch pad ready to explore that relationship you're curious about. Let this Aries full moon provide the rocket that propels you into orbit so you can see things from a different perspective. Keep your focus on the evolutionary journey and see where it leads you.

Reflection Questions:

As you get ready to embark upon this lunar voyage and learn to smoothly ride the wave of emotional development & evolution, you might want to ask yourself and decide:
  • What is the potential of ME?
  • What is it that I want in my relationship to Other?
  • Where do I go from here?
  • What do I need to do to go after what I truly want for me?
  • What do I need to release to make room for that?

Now, For That Invitation

Sacred Sites Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena. http://cogxr.co/sacredsites2015
If these astrological reflections have intrigued you, you're probably curious about what it would be like to truly embark upon a personal adventure to explore how you can intentionally alter the way you relate to what I've called "Other" (other people, places, things, times; parts of you that don't always feel like they're in alignment with your goals & objectives, parts of you that sometimes get in the way, etc.).

Now that you've read this, you may be intrigued by the possibility of going deeper and learning more.

If you're feeling inquisitive now, I invite you to join me for a personalized, in-depth exploration of Self & Other on a virtual Astro-Spiritual journey. On this virtual pilgrimage, I'll be performing karmic, akashic, epigenetic, and lifespan clearing work on my clients' energetic timelines while carrying your petitions for relationship renewal on this Sacred Sites Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena. To learn more about the virtual pilgrimage and claim your spot today, click here.