Liberation, Release, and New Beginnings

  • Moon Opposite Mercury, 3:31am PDT
  • Moon Square Pluto, 8:55am PDT
  • Moon Conjunct Uranus, 6:29pm PDT

  • Feast of Mary, Untier of Knots

Chaotic Upheaval Can Be Liberating

While many of us on the West Coast were asleep last night, the Moon and Mercury were opposite each other in the sky. Perhaps you noticed or dreamt about your connections with that Other we talked about tugging on your emotions or vice versa. Perhaps you realize you let your emotions pull on or direct your communication too often. Or perhaps you simply rested most peacefully and dreamt of poppies, cotton candy, and glitter.

This afternoon/evening (6:29pm PDT) there's potential for a bit of an emotional shake up as the habitual emotional Moon is conjunct chaotic Uranus in Aries. As with most astrological information, I recommend being aware of the possibility if you witness it at all this afternoon or night (depending on the time zone you're in).

A Quick Tarot Reference

If you're familiar with the traditional (i.e., Rider-Waite/Pamela Colman Smith) Tower card in a tarot deck, Uranus can act sort of like the Tower: lightning flashes, the tower gets shaken up & starts going up in flames, people get shaken out of windows. Sounds tumultuous, doesn't it? It could be.
It could also simply be that the flash of lightning provides extremely valuable sudden insight: an AHA moment, a wake-up call. Maybe those people saw the writing on the wall and are jumping to safety nets below. Where's the door on this tower, anyway? Notice there's no apparent other way out.
That big shake-up can sometimes be eye opening and liberating, can't it?
  • Have you ever been in a situation that felt unpleasant and was gradually eating away at you, and then something big happened and the situation fell apart (maybe even in an uncomfortable way)?
  • After the fact, how long did it take you to recognize that the shake-up was your way out? What was that moment of recognition like for you?
  • How much better would it be if you had had the foresight to free yourself before the lightning struck?

And Now Back to the Heavens

Given that that Moon is in Aries still, and since we're focusing on clearing up unhealthy connections over the next two weeks, especially on the Sacred Sites Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena, I'm going to offer an intentional alternate interpretation:

As Aries provides an excellent setting for new beginnings, albeit a bit rough around the edges at times, and Uranus is an agent of chaos or shake-ups, it's a STELLAR time to shake the old Etch A Sketch and start your new creation!

Feast of Mary, Undoer of Knots

It's said that a planetary retrograde period is generally a good time to tie up loose ends. One way to "tie up" loose ends might in fact be to untie anything that's knotted up. In other words, in order to resolve incompletions, it may take loosening or untying some overly wound or knotted up cords so you can see the whole cord from a new perspective again. You might even use that freshly untied cord to connect to another cord that makes more sense for you now.

This is an excellent day to review such areas!

Today, September 28, is the Feast of Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, or Mary, Untier of Knots. A devotion to her dates back to the early 1600s, with references as far back as the second century. Pope Francis has practiced a devotion to Mary, Untier of Knots and introduced her to larger and larger audiences.

It is said that she can assist us to untie those knots which we can't seem to get undone ourselves. She can help us smooth out the ribbons that have become tangled and unwieldy.

Reflection Exercises:

  • What cords have been been knotted up in your life?
  • Are you ready to gently pull them back to yourself, calmly untie them, smooth them out, and put them to better use?
  • What assistance, if any, would you like & would you be willing to seek from a trusted friend to help you on this journey of clearing & renewal?
  • As a physical gesture that you are prepared to release the blocks and clear pathways of communication and progress between Self and Other (your choice of what 'Other' represents: person, place, activity, habit, event, ...), here's a mindfulness activity for you to do today:
    1. Find a piece of ribbon, cord, or string that is long enough to allow you to tie at least three knots in it.
    2. Aware of the Aries energies of Self, of beginnings, of the spark of life, of YOU, tie one knot in the cord near one end.
    3. Mindful of the Libra energies of Other, of balance, of interaction, of this journey of healing your connection to Other, tie one knot in the cord near the other end.
    4. Recognizing that the obstacles occur and the magic also happens in the in-between space, in the relationship between those two, tie one knot in the cord in the middle of the first two knots.
    5. Now, should any specific blocks from the past in this particular relationship come to mind after you've tied those three knots into the cord or ribbon, tie a knot to represent each one that comes up.
    6. Run your fingers along the cord from one end knot to the other end knot, aware of the sensation of each of the middle knot. Go from one end to the other, and then back again. Perhaps you notice that the bumps feel different as your going in one direction than they do going in the other direction.
    7. With deep gratitude for the flashes and moments of insight you've received, whether you realized them many moons ago or only today for the first time, ask Our Lady, Undoer of Knots to support your smoothing out of this cord of connection.
    8. Begin slowly untying each of the middle knots, one by one, noticing how the cord feels freer, smoother, more open with each one that you release.
    9. When only the two end knots remain, run your fingers from one to the other, and then back again, feeling the ease with which you can now make your way back and forth.

With the work completed, you're welcome to untie the remaining two end knots and keep this ribbon somewhere special if you're further nurturing that connection. You might also want to use it on a physical or metaphorical package that you offer to Other in some way. Or who knows, maybe you'll want to burn it or discard it in some other way.

Since the Moon is still in Aries, emotional creative potential abounds. This is about YOU, after all, so exercise your creative potential and do what feels best for your efforts to liberate the Self, release unhealthy ties, and begin anew.

An Astro-Spiritual Invitation

http://cogxr.co/sacredsites2015 - Virtual Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena
If these astro-spiritual reflections continue to intrigue you, you may be curious about what it would be like to truly embark upon a personal adventure to explore how you can intentionally alter the way you relate to what I've called "Other" (other people, places, things, times; parts of you that don't always feel like they're in alignment with your goals & objectives, parts of you that sometimes get in the way, etc.).

With that feeling in mind, I invite you to join me for a personalized, in-depth exploration of Self & Other on an upcoming virtual pilgrimage. Although we'll be in different places, I'll be performing karmic, akashic, epigenetic, and lifespan clearing work on my clients' energetic timelines while carrying your petitions for relationship renewal on this Sacred Sites Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena. To learn more about the virtual pilgrimage and claim your spot today, visit here.

You can learn more of the back story of the particular devotion to referenced here in this excellent introduction to Mary, Untier of Knots by Dominican Novice, Br. Dominic Ferrante.