Seeking Celestial Strength & Emotional Comfort


  • Moon Trine Venus, 12:44am PDT
  • Moon Void of Course 12:44am PDT
  • Moon enters Taurus, 11:56am PDT
  • Moon Quincunx Saturn, 1:24pm PDT
  • Moon Trine Mars, 4:51pm PDT
  • Moon Quincunx Sun, 10:48pm PDT
  • Moon Quincunx Mercury, 11:57pm PDT
(All times Pacific Daylight Time. You can use your favorite time zone converter to see what these are for you.)


  • Michaelmas
  • Feast of Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels

Mystical Musings on Emotional Fortitude

Archangel Michael - The Art of Terese Nielsen (used with artist's permission)
Archangel Michael,
by Terese Nielsen
Today is the feast of Saints Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, the three Archangels mentioned by name in the Bible. With them we cover our bases of patronage from communications workers, to grocers, to sailors, to police, to doctors and other healers. One bit of new information I learned while researching for today's post is that St. Raphael is the patron of "happy meetings" and "travelers". By extension, I'd assume he'd be an ideal patron of meeting planners, especially those planning healing retreats.

But I digress.

With the Moon going from void of course during the first half of the day and entering Taurus, let's turn our focus to strength, comfort, and guidance.

After making its way through that transient, unsettling period like when you're moving from one house to another, the Moon settles its way into comfy Taurus. There we can set the scene for the building of comfortable dwelling, with all our creature comforts and needs readily available. To feel safe, secure, and well taken care of, we probably need some resources. What would it be like if you knew all of the beneficial feelings and necessities you'd like to feel like your foundation is strong and you have sure footing?

Imagine you're the stage manager prepping such a scene.
  • What would you put on the stage so that you feel comfortable, secure, and nurtured? 

It takes a bit of effort to make sure you look for and have everything you need that you require for your survival, doesn't it?

This week we have embarked on an emotional journey of release and renewal as the Moon's light fades, changing our perspective about emotional development and how we are aware of and relate to the Self. Still looking inward, with the Moon in Taurus, we can call upon St. Michael the Archangel to help us build a strong foundation and assist us in creating the environment we require for not only survive but thrive. St. Michael is the ultimate loving protector and is always ready to hear our call. From that place of strength, we will eventually connect better with the world around us.

Prayer to Four Archangels

Raphael, heal my heart and spirit and keep me from revisiting unhealthy cycles of the past. Anoint me with compassion that I may forgive and be forgiven with love and peace. 
Uriel, shine your light of wisdom and Truth that I may see clearly the path that lies ahead. Assist me in discovering creative ideas and making wise decisions that aid in my release of harmful emotions.  
Michael, protect and defend me as I navigate the waters of life. Be always at my side to guard me from harm and guide me to safety. 
Gabriel, connect me to all those parts of myself and my community that bring me joy, love, and peace. Help me to always express my truth with clarity and balance and confidence.
I'll offer you a very short version as well:
Raphael, heal me.
Uriel, shine your light before me.
Michael, protect me.
Gabriel, connect me in harmony.

 An Astro-Spiritual Invitation

http://cogxr.co/sacredsites2015 - Virtual Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena
If these astro-spiritual reflections continue to intrigue you, you may be curious about what it would be like to set course for an exploration of how you relate to what I've called "Other" (other people, places, things, times; parts of you that don't always feel like they're in alignment with your goals & objectives, parts of you that sometimes get in the way, etc.).

With that feeling in mind, I invite you to join me for a personalized, in-depth exploration of Self & Other on an upcoming virtual pilgrimage. Although we'll be in different places, I'll be performing karmic, akashic, epigenetic, and lifespan clearing work on my clients' energetic timelines while carrying your petitions for relationship renewal on this Sacred Sites Pilgrimage & New Moon Novena. To learn more about the virtual pilgrimage and claim your spot today, visit here.