Ancestral Connection

Who are the ancestors?

In short, the general way I think of ancestors, collectively, is as the beloved dead.

The way I see it, we have local, cultural, social, professional, and genetic ancestors. They may or may not be part of a bloodline.

They may show up as those who have gone before you
  • in your local community,
  • in your city or town of birth,
  • in your city or town of residence,
  • in your spiritual community,
  • in your field or industry,
  • in your circle of close friends,
  • and, yes, in your family (whether by blood, adoption, marriage, ...)
Some of those categories may not resonate with you; some might be novel ways of thinking about who could be honored as an ancestor.

A mentor or teacher who shared wisdom in the past before passing on can certainly be honored as an ancestor who left his or her mark upon your life.

A treasured member of your field could very well be included among the beloved dead. If you find yourself engrossed in your profession, if the work you do is very much a part of who you are, this makes perfect sense. Perhaps this is someone who you read about in text books or heard stories about from elders in your business community. (Hmm ... I wonder if you could get away with calling someone in the corporate or academic world an elder nowadays.)

Whether you receive the wisdom of the ancestors' legacy through epigenetics, through stories written or told, or through flashes of insight and perceptions of past experience, you can tap into feedback from the past to help guide you going forward.

Remember, you are an ancestor in progress. As you can benefit from learning of the past to improve in the present, your present learning turns into a legacy for your benefit and the benefit of those to come.

In what ways do you seek, listen to, and act upon this guidance?

To help you tap into the wisdom of these and other ancestors, you can begin your journey from this point in time within a relaxing meditative state. Ancestral Connection Metamorphosis Meditation
, part of the series Hypnotic Metamorphoses, can assist you in doing just that.

Ancestral Connection
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