Day 3 of 9: Dream Away Tension to Create Calm & Community

Sun Dec 13 - New Moon Novena, Day 3/9

Moon ☽ in Capricorn ♑

  • Moon ☽ Conjunct Pluto ♇ 1:03 am PST 
  • Moon ☽ Square Uranus ♅ 5:01 am PST 
  • Moon ☽ Square Mars ♂ 7:47 am PST 
  • Moon ☽ Trine Jupiter ♃ 3:07 pm PST 
  • Moon ☽ Void of Course 3:07 pm PST 

In the dreamscape, the Moon & Pluto join forces to reveal some keys for transformation on the subconscious level. See what you remember from any dreams (or daydreams). Emotional chaos, as well as any tensions between feelings, beliefs, and action can be used to light a spark of motivation.
It's ok to feel good about an easy flow of innate abilities once you remove the tensions. There may even be more opportunity than you realized.

As the moon moves void of course, it's not unlike when you're moving houses (or going on a long vacation). There's packing to do. You're focused and yet distracted. It's generally a good time to stay on cruise control for a brief period so you take care of the things that need to get done. This includes taking care of yourself by relaxing from time to time.

Reflection Questions 

When thinking of the network of support that you would like to establish around yourself, what are the main tensions that show up?

What innate abilities will help you create (or revitalize) simple structures of kinship & friendship?

What do you do *on a regular basis* to wind down and truly, deeply relax?