Day 5 of 9: Freeing Yourself from Instinctive Norms of the Past

Tue Dec 15 - New Moon Novena, Day 5/9

Moon ☽ in Aquarius ♒

  • Moon ☽ Square Venus ♀ 2:26 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Uranus ♅ 10:19 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Trine Mars ♂ 3:23 pm PST
  • Moon ☽ Quincunx Jupiter ♃ 8:29 pm PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Sun ☉ 11:16 pm PST
  • Moon ☽ Void of Course 11:16 pm PST

Right in the middle of this 9 day journey, we spend another day in observant analysis of our private affairs from a unique, detached perspective. It occasionally takes a bit of bucking of the status quo to create the emotional freedom we seek.

Some tensions related to our reactions in past relationships may motivate new and even unexpected emotional responses going forward.

Although challenges could arise in contractual relations or partnerships, particularly where finances are concerned, letting intuition guide our actions today should be easy. When we do allow the heart and intuition guide today, our sense of purpose and determination is invigorated.

In short, it's a decent day to reevaluate our personal terms and conditions of the past and let intuition direct us toward surprising new outcomes.

Reflection Questions 

When looking at your past and perhaps present instinctive reactions in close relationships, what personal norms (tendencies) are you willing to challenge in order to create the community you desire going forward?

What can you do to let the heart contribute in harmony with the mind in your contractual partnerships (romantic or professional), especially where it comes to material goods and finances?