Day 9 of 9: Go with the Flow and Flow to Grow

Sat Dec 19 - New Moon Novena, Day 9/9

Moon ☽ in Aries ♈

  • Moon ☽ Trine Saturn ♄ 6:01 am PST
  • Mercury ☿ Conjunct Pluto ♇ 10:55 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Square Pluto ♇ 2:18 pm PST
  • Moon ☽ Square Mercury ☿ 2:41 pm PST
  • Moon ☽ Conjunct Uranus ♅ 5:35 pm PST
  • Moon ☽ Quincunx Venus ♀ 7:35 pm PST

We are likely to find it easier to acknowledge responsibility for and temper our emotions in the early part of the day. Another way of looking at this is that your emotions will not flow (out of control) like a flash flood, a tempestuous ocean, or even a body of water with strong unpredictable currents. Those feelings are more like the waters flowing through a river with defined banks and a definite path through the landscape. Boundaries are sometimes a very good thing. For one, they help us observe and go with the flow more easily.

This isn't to say it'll be smooth sailing, however. Remember, the Moon is in Aries now, so we're in the incipient stages of developing new emotional tools and awareness. In the beginning, there's so much potential and eagerness that there may be an urge to get out there and share what we feel, know, and think now. Just be careful.

Indeed, you are probably keenly aware today of transformation and rebirth into a new cycle of development. You have the ability to articulate it with more clarity now.

That transformative regenerative force, however, is met with emotional resistance. Recall that the banks of that river define its trajectory. The flow may be interrupted by twists & turns, obstacles may be in the river that need removal, etc. This instinctive resistance to change presents challenges that you're now motivated to address.

When you overcome the obstacles, you can begin to clearly communicate your perspectives, your thoughts. As you're expressing your unique take on where you're headed, your instinctive reactions start to change as well, your new ways of seeing, feeling about, and behaving in the world begin to come real.

Unexpected assistance in the break from normal patterns may show up. Like in an earthquake, cracks suddenly appear on the surface. Those open up to reveal emotional layers you may not have realized were there. Your intuitive sense tells you that the new approaches you're beginning to experience feel more comfortable and safe.

Speaking of comfort, there is a distinction to be made between comfortable and pleasurable. And the two may be difficult to merge together today. The Moon in Aries is seeking the keys to emotional security (comfort) in new territory, by forging new paths, through new beginnings. Meanwhile Venus is seeking harmony and pleasure in the depths of emotional attachment.

You've now seen this pattern show up a number of times over the past several days, haven't you? There's been a pretty intense struggle between being pulled by a desire for what feels good in the deep waters of familiar bonds while at the same time striving to find comfort and security by forging ahead to create personal shifts in your attitudes, reactions, and closest ties.

Realize the complexity of the whats, wheres, and hows that may be familiar and the whats, wheres, and hows that may be new. It might not be as transparent when you're examining your personal situation as you first imagined.

Commencement Ceremony

As the final post of this lagniappe New Moon Novena, we are now left to our own devices as we continue on the road of building relationships around us.

The seeds of connection have been scattered on the ground, fertilized, watered, and are beginning to emerge now. The blossoms will reflect the seeds you've planted and how you take care of them.

Remember that it's your garden. If there are weeds or plants you don't want in there, you have the tools and strength to pull them up and compost them. That just makes room for you to plant more or leave space for you to appreciate what's in there already from different perspectives.

Reflection Questions 

How are the boundaries you're identifying in your environment keeping you protected and flowing on course?

What transformations that you're aware of now are you able to more clearly articulate? How will these assist you in intentionally manifesting a supportive network of friends, family, and community over the next week?

Which aspects of the familiar context meet your needs, provide security, and allow you to feel comfortable? Which aspects of the familiar allow you to feel good, bring you pleasure, and reflect your desires?

Which aspects of the new context you're seeking and creating meet your needs, provide security, and allow you to feel comfortable? Which aspects of the new allow you to feel good, bring you pleasure, and reflect your desires?

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