Day 8 of 9: Is Moving Ever Fun? How Holding on to the Familiar Has Held Us Back from Emotional Growth

Fri Dec 18 - New Moon Novena, Day 8/9

Moon ☽ enters Aries ♈

  • Moon ☽ Opposite Jupiter ♃ 12:41 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Square Sun ☉ 7:14 am PST (first quarter)
  • Moon ☽ Void of Course  7:14 am PST
  • Moon ☽ enters Aries ♈ 1:26 pm PST
  • Venus ♀ Quincunx Uranus ♅ 7:56 pm PST

With only tomorrow remaining in this nine-day voyage with the Moon through the Zodiac, we spend part of the day packing our bags in Pisces, and then move on to a new start in Aries. When you're getting ready to begin something new, many times there are lists of what to bring, what to remember, what you need, what you don't really need to take with you, etc. Today's heavenly set up is pretty much on par with that.

The Moon's opposition to Jupiter indicates a tug-of-war that could take a little bit of time to resolve. The struggle is one where our inner constructs and emotions want to hold on to the familiar while another part wants to explore new ideas or new places and hope for the best possible outcome. The risk here is of inaction. Big, mighty, expansive Jupiter needs some leisure time with all that expansion. Be mindful of your activity levels and intake as you travel. While it does take a lot of fuel to nourish expansion and growth, that same fuel can generate additional unwanted weight (baggage, anyone?).

Travel light.

The good news is that Jupiter rules both Sagittarius and Pisces, so it's pretty powerful and in control right now with one luminary in each Sign. My bet is on healthy emotional growth and good fortune to win this game.

As the sun shines its (limited) light on a new day, we may see some challenges between our private and public senses of self. Authority, autonomy, and personal sovereignty is confronted by doubt or worry, either in yourself or in a father, son, or other close male influencer. The doubt is fueled by emotional concerns and is probably a reflection of habitual feelings and reactions, although it could just be to keep the waters calm and the people around you content.

(For what it's worth, I am picturing this as a conversation happening between a mother and father as the station wagon is being loaded up before you pull out of the driveway. Can you relate?)

With bags packed, the plane, train, or automobile is ready to move. The regular hassles of transit from sign to sign go by fairly fast today, so the feelings surrounding this new beginning will kick in more quickly.

And sometimes getting where we're going fast means the potholes we hit along the way feel even more uncomfortable.

First arriving in a new [emotional] space, it may seem like there's so much to do. New feelings start to emerge like kids popping out of a car after being cooped up on a car ride. They may burst out and be accompanied by many reactions to these novel contexts in your personal life. Keep that Full Moon aim in mind of intentionally creating a space in your world (ahem, in your heart) to bring family, friends, and community together around you or bring yourself into a supportive community. This may help those emotional outbursts not get too out of hand.

Evolution is definite. The move happened. Change is here.

That said, there are inevitably challenges that accompany any move, especially when it comes to settling in to the next phase. The first big emotional shift is how to reconcile the differences between a love for comfortable, secure domestic relationships (let's say, wherever we have experienced them in the past) with very strong urges to freely explore the significance of a new, larger social context. While this could refer to where we're recently coming from, it's more likely to refer to where we originally come from (roots, ancestors, personal & family history). We truly and deeply want to understand how where we come from and where we're going fit together.

There's a simultaneous desire to break from tradition and to hold on to it tightly. This is likely to show up in our closest intimate relationships. Although we could feel stuck in this position of not understanding the roles of those two positions in our connection to community, with Uranus and the Moon both in Aries now, new approaches to the mysteries of interpersonal affinity may suddenly appear.

When you get over the potential initial shock of these revelations, they can help contextualize the role of familiar emotional intimacy going forward in your ongoing quest of understanding.

Reflection Questions 

What emotional baggage have you held on to that has kept you from exploring new positions of feeling connected to friends, family, or your community (whichever area you're focusing on during this NMN)?

Which of those concerns are you honestly willing to let go of now? Are you willing to break from the emotional comfort of tradition and habit to make room for healthy growth?

In which intimate bonds have you felt stuck? How far are you willing to venture to get yourself unstuck?

Whom do you support in your network? When you feel like your personal sovereignty and self-esteem are being challenged, to whom do you turn for support?

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