Day 4 of 9: Marching to the Beat of Your Own Unique Emotional Drum

Mon Dec 14 - New Moon Novena, Day 4/9

Moon ☽ enters Aquarius ♒

  • Moon ☽ enters Aquarius ♒ 4:58 am PST
  • Sun ☉ Square Jupiter ♃ 7:02 am PST
  • Mercury ☿ Sextile Neptune ♆ 11:39 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Saturn ♄ 9:22 pm PST

With the moon's entry into Aquarius, we have an opportunity to take one big [quirky] step back and remove ourselves from the midst of feeling to observe how emotions & intuition serve our efforts to be part (or not) of a group in society.

A bit later, with the Sun-Jupiter square, light is shed on the pitfalls of overdoing things. Challenges may arise between the sense of identity and our luck, generosity, or ability to grow.

Thought processes are bolstered by our intuition and imagination. It's a good day to remember to trust the old intuition when making decisions.
As the Moon and Saturn move into a harmonious relationship, the merits of emotional integrity come into focus. We might find the groundwork or support for our feelings or the trustworthy reliance upon our intuition.

Reflection Questions 

Taking a big step out of the picture in your mind's eye, look at the way you feel about the people, places, or events in your social setting. How does your unique way of being & doing allow you to connect with those who matter most to you in valuable ways?

In what areas or with which people have you tended to overdo it a little in your efforts to be generous? If you had to imagine, what is the underlying objective, or what are you seeking in those situations?

When do you feel most honest with yourself and others? What framework is in place in the situations where you notice this instinctive honesty?