New Moon Novena Dec 11-19: Exploration and Growing into Community

Over the course of the next 9 days, we evolve around the Zodiac wheel beginning today with a New Moon in Sagittarius and leading toward a full moon in Cancer on December 25. Let's kick off that adventure, shall we?

Fri Dec 11 - New Moon Novena, Day 1/9

Today we can capitalize on the New Moon in Sagittarius to begin inspired play with what it might take to seek out, create, nurture, and expand into a family or community of our choosing. (Community, here, can be broadly construed.)

New Moon in Sagittarius

  • New Moon ☽ in Sagittarius ♐  2:29am PDT
  • Moon ☽ Square Jupiter ♃  8:05am PDT
  • Moon ☽ Void of Course  8:05am PDT
  • Moon ☽ enters Capricorn ♑ 10:46pm PDT

We may have begun the day with a sense of possibility, of grand thoughts, of great endeavors. That early emotional ambition may have veered a bit adrift eventually, as the moon was both void of course and square with Jupiter. Challenges may come up against our joviality or desire to expand our horizons for a bit. It’s a good idea to avoid making judgments or decisions of an emotional nature or that you feel strongly about whenever the moon is void of course. That period is usually not very long, so it’s a good reminder that we sometimes do well to be with our sensations and let them soak in so we can take clearer action based on feelings that are more settled. 

All that said, the moon enters Capricorn tonight, which may just start to provide a solid emotional framework for your big seasonal or New Year's projects to take start taking shape and feeling grounded in reality again.

Reflection Questions

What would be possible, beyond anything you believed possible before, when you start feeling expansive, and begin exploring your emotional trajectory?

What have you been wanting to learn that you imagine will help you create the community you seek in the New Year?

What structures might already be in place for you to fit your big dreams into?