Day 2: Keep Ambitions Realistic & Appreciate Those Relationships

Sat Dec 12 - New Moon Novena, Day 2/9

Moon ☽ in Capricorn ♑


  • Moon ☽ Conjuct Mercury ☿ 5:42am PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Neptune ♆ 11:55am PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Venus ♀ 3:36pm PST

With the Capricorn Moon conjunct Mercury early this morning (at least on the West Coast of the United states), you may have noticed logic and intuition going hand and hand, working together effect quick practical responses to get things done, especially in areas in which you feel responsible. This aspect lends itself to a period of capability. So getting what needs to be said said may feel quite right. With that said, remain cautious of expectations getting out of hand.

Later we observe two aspects of cooperation and opportunity. The Moon's relation to dreamy, fantastical Neptune can bring about lots of nurturing affection. It could also generate a dream world where ambitions and expectations of yourself or others expand beyond belief. There may be instinctive (ulterior?) motives for this attention to the hopes and dreams of yourself or others. Fortunately, the Moon's presence in Capricorn helps keep things from getting too out of hand, lest the hopes and dreams become too lofty or the nurturing become overbearing.

When the Moon forms a sextile with Venus, personal relationships rest in a positive aspect, with all parties seeming particularly amiable. Showing appreciation for females in your closest circles at this time will go a long way to sustain the bonds you've already fostered. By extension — and looking at this through a somewhat historical, traditional lens — noticing, recognizing, and appreciating feminine qualities in yourself and those in your closest circles may help you identify certain aspects of the community you seek to develop around yourself.

Reflection Questions

Recognizing the real-world parameters of your intentions and ambitions, what messages feel right for you to send out at this time to begin creating a healthy framework for friendship and kinship?

Who do you feel most appreciative of in your existing circles of kinship and friendship? What traits that they exhibit do you most cherish?

Which aspect of your own beauty do you most hope to see reflected in the family you intend to build around yourself?