Day 6 of 9: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Wed Dec 16 - New Moon Novena, Day 6/9

Moon ☽ enters Pisces ♓

  • Moon ☽ enters Pisces ♓ 9:44 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Conjunct Neptune ♆ 10:19 pm PST

Today the Moon enters Pisces, an easy place for the luminary of the mind's inner workings, of intuition, the private life, and the past to spend some time. A mellow light glows (remember, the moon is not yet even to its first quarter) and lets us gain insights into the inner mechanisms of our perception and experience.

It's is a good day for sweetness, acceptance, and compassion. Be aware, though, of the potential ramifications of people pleasing.

Since Pisces is the last sign in the evolution through the zodiac, I sometimes refer to it as the recycling sign. Bits and pieces of our instinctive, emotional past can be found here now.

The favorable aspect with Neptune later in the day brings those private inner workings in line with the realm of fantasy, illusion, and dreams. This can intensify the intuition, so you may want to pay particular attention to the dreams you have overnight.

Reflection Questions 

Reflecting in the Piscean waters are valuable memories and lessons from past experience. What old reactions and beliefs are you willing to let drift into the mists of obscurity and oblivion?

Which most useful memories can you deconstruct into emotional elements and repurpose in and for the community you seek to create around yourself?

What instincts have served you well so far, such that you intend to maintain or develop further in the next evolutionary cycle?