Day 7 of 9: Transforming Relationships through POD & POC

Thu Dec 17 - New Moon Novena, Day 7/9

Moon ☽ in Pisces ♓

  • Moon ☽ Square Saturn ♄ 2:13 am PST
  • Venus ♀ Sextile Pluto ♇ 3:19 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Mercury ☿ 5:24 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Sextile Pluto ♇ 10:58 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Trine Venus ♀ 11:39 am PST
  • Moon ☽ Quincunx Mars ♂ 9:40 pm PST

With the Moon still shimmering on the shifting waters of Pisces, our emotions dance in the inner realms of memory, perception, and intuition.

Early today tensions may arise in how we feel about the rules or sense of responsibility that we remember our mothers, teachers, or female elders instilling in us in the past.

We may have had overly sensitive responses to situations where structure and self-discipline are required to get work done. Rather than letting past feelings come to the surface to dwell in, simply recognizing this struggle can inspire us to focus on the tasks at hand and ultimately accomplish what we set out to do.

There's a powerful aspect of cooperation and opportunity for transformation in our relationships and partnerships today. While this is creative force, note that this particular energy is one of regeneration and rebirth. The transformation possible relies on both the power of destruction (POD) and the power of creation (POC).

In metamorphosis, for example, the caterpillar becomes nothing more than a memory, genetic elements are recycled, and a butterfly emerges.

Contributing to this phoenix-like opportunity for transformation are our innate intuitive abilities. Today there's a smooth flow of energy between these emotive inner workings and our current joint ventures with other people. We get where we want to go today by balancing reasoned thought and logic with trust in the emotional wisdom of intuition. Maintaining balance of thought and feelings will go a long way to help you clearly express yourself and your intentions.

When communication channels are free & clear of obstacles, relationships tend to be healthier and more harmonious don't they?

Despite that positive, groovy flow of emotional energy and the knowledge that you have the potential to transform your relationships, we may feel challenged by aspects of practical implementation. It may seem like it's going to be hard to integrate the awareness we've gained and shifts we've already felt. Breathe, relax & march onward!

In order to boost the drive needed to create real-world harmonious partnerships, some (not necessarily minor) adjustments in communication are required. Plan and make the logical communication adjustments that you know are important. When you do, your confidence, determination, and activity levels will rise. As those energy levels are increasing, you can start creating the transformations possible today.

Reflection Questions 

In what ways can your instinctive reactions to rules, regulations, time constraints, and responsibilities be improved?

As they say — and appropriately timed with the upcoming new calendar year: Out with the old; in with the new! To give life to your relationships and interactions (professional, social, romantic, familial), what must you figuratively (or literally) destroy?

Think about the intention you set out with at the beginning of this month's New Moon Novena seven days ago. In the close community you're creating around yourself every day, how do you express your needs, desires, and intentions?

Communication is multi-directional. It's at least a two-way street. It's about speaking and listening. When do you listen best? How can you listen more?

Recognizing that you are responsible for keeping your communication channels clear, how do you communicate effectively already and what are you willing to do to enhance your methods?