Evolve Now

Your individual story and objectives direct the way you and I will tailor the services you'll want to experience.  Together, we'll create a custom approach so that you can actually — and finally — achieve the outcomes you desire, whether in academics, business, relationships, health & wellbeing, or spirituality.  As you walk down any of these paths in your life, you sometimes crave or encounter a period of transformation; or maybe you've gotten stuck along the way.  I am ready, willing, and able to nurture what needs to grow so that you hear, see, feel, smell, taste, and know the success that you've been longing to create.

Since you and I are about to embark upon a life-altering transformational journey into success (and that's a big deal), we will first briefly discuss where you are with respect to your goals and where you specifically aim to go.  You and I can do this when you have your complimentary 20-minute phone, Skype, or Google Hangout introductory coaching conversation with me.

As a transformational success coach practicing Neuro-Linguistic Coaching® and Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy®, I will work with you, hold space for you, challenge you, encourage you, and support you so that you optimally and quickly allow yourself to achieve your future reality starting now.  In order to supercharge your transformation, we can create and draw on tools, tips, and techniques that access the programming language of the unconscious mind from a variety of disciplines:
  • transformational life and success coaching for goal accomplishment
  • NLP and hypnotherapy for fast, powerful, and lasting behavior and habit change
  • TIME Techniques™ for massive therapeutic release of limiting decisions and negative emotions to create a positive future
Now that you are ready to take action, you can easily do so by filling out the CogXR Contact Form on this site so that we can set up your complimentary discovery session today.

It is with both humility and joy that I look forward to walking by your side as we traverse the crossroads together and step into the light of your successful metamorphosis.