Hypnotic Metamorphoses

Freedom to Escape

frogs on vacation
We seem to love to escape, don't we?

It shows up in our language, in advertising, in conversation:

  • "a romantic getaway"
  • "escape on an adventure"
  • "retreat for seven days of relaxation"

On a more regular basis, we engage in a lot of mental escape, don't we? Let's try this one out. Although the words aren't necessarily the same, check in with yourself and notice what sensations come up:
  • spending an hour on Facebook in other social media spheres when you know you have something else you want to do, and then feeling bad that you "wasted an hour"
  • clicking on a viral video on YouTube or even going to find something useful and then realizing a long time later that you 
    1. forgot what it was that you went there for in the first place, or 
    2. think to yourself, "how did I end up here?!"
  • watching a video or movie that you didn't like only to say, "I'll never get those two hours back"

So you've recognized that you like to escape and have from time to time gotten sucked into trails that led down seemingly chaotic or random paths or even have you going in circles, where you swear you've seen the same things over and over again.

If you nodded your head YES to any (or all) of those, join the club. There's a famous commercial from some time ago where a guy said, "I'm not just a member, I'm the president". Sound familiar? I know it does to me. I've certainly been there.


What if escape could be filled with intention? 

What if a new movie you've wanted to see for a very long time were about to come out? 

Would you buy your ticket in advance and be first in line? 

Freedom to Dream

Imagine that inside the mind there's a projector room of sorts. It doesn't matter whether it's old school with someone up there changing the reels of film or whether someone occasionally puts in a new hard drive when a new movie comes out or whether the movies are downloaded temporarily for remote playing. Someone is deciding which movies to play in that control room.

Who decides to press play on a certain movie at a certain time?

Do some movies just seem like remakes of the same old film you've seen over and over again?

Wouldn't it be phenomenal to have a series of new releases queued up and ready to play when you decide to experience them?

What would you have to start believing about yourself to press play on a new, and maybe unfamiliar, film?

Even better ... what feelings arise when you consider that, inside the imagination of the unconscious, you can be your own screenwriter, director, and famous actor. When you begin writing, directing, and starring in the films you play, you can make the endings, sequels, and spin-offs however you like.

Freedom to Explore

You may have read about the role of the subconscious mind and some of the many benefits of being in a relaxed, meditative, hypnotic state in this post.

Here are further questions to ponder, along with suggested individual self-hypnosis recordings that will help you make progress toward manifesting the movie of your dreams. These are all part of a complete series called Hypnotic Metamorphoses (with a tip of the hat to Ovid ... and an even bigger tip of the hat to my dear friend Terese Nielsenartiste extraordinaire, for designing the images you see for each recording). Continue reading all the way through to find out whether is right for you to choose one or several of these individual hypnotic meditations or access the complete series for Soaring Success.

  • Do you know what you would write, direct, and portray? What or who inspires your role? Where do you feel inspired? Is your intuition clear?
    Ancestral Connection Blessed Mother Clear Intuition
  • Do you have to fire some of the old cast, clean up the studio, and get new production assistants or supporting cast & crew? Is it time to purge & purify?
    Purge and Purify
  • How do you take care of the locale, props, cast, and crew? Are they safe and protected at all times?
    Heal and Protect
  • How do you publicize the new production? Who do you bring together for the screening and what emotions do you all experience as the story unfolds? How do you spread word of your venture?
    Spread the Love
  • Who do you allow to review your film? How do you review the work of your contemporaries? Do you express and receive respect equally?
    Command Respect
  • How do you incorporate the feedback for your dream production, edit, colorize, add creative special effects, and bring it forth into the world? As it emerges into the light of day, what sensations do you & your creation evoke?
    Voodoo Nights
  • What sustaining efforts are already present and what are you putting in place all around to ensure that you're in all the relevant screens, all the relevant conversations, and all the relevant places?
    Bountiful Cornucopia
In under 20 minutes and for under $10* you can explore one aspect of your path and expand your possibilities.  Or you may decide you want to make a stronger commitment to yourself.

Freedom to Create

There is an intentional creative progression of alignment at play, following the path from Ancestral Connection through Bountiful Cornucopia. Unconsciously and consciously aligning yourself spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically sets you up for unparalleled flow in the process of manifesting transformation.

Ideally, you'll choose a specific area of life in which to concentrate the change and always proceed as if you're making progress along your trajectory. Pieces of the puzzle may simply fall into place as if by magic when you begin taking action. Answers may appear in unexpected places, from unexpected sources. Where you may have felt stuck before, resolutions now become possible. Progress is yours to make.

When you decide to put yourself on that path of progress, you begin by finding out and recognizing where you are and where you truly desire to go. This helps you determine the best path forward so you get the most out of your adventure. Maybe you'll walk, maybe you'll drive, maybe you'll sail there, maybe you'll fly smoothly.

Along the way, you can put the pieces of the puzzle in place, discarding what hasn't worked, keeping and being grateful for what does, integrating the ensemble, honoring what you and others bring to the table, coming together to create and give live to what you intend to manifest, and acknowledging the reality and beauty of what you are creating.

Go patiently & intentionally through each step of your journey, listening to and trusting the beneficial guidance you receive, checking in with yourself on all levels, accounting for real-world parameters, making adjustments, revisiting the dream, and remembering to consistently take action.

This is one way you can manifest your vision and achieve Soaring Success.

Each recording you download should be experienced at least three times over the course of a week or more. I encourage you to journal for a few minutes immediately following your session, to retrieve the highlights that you remember. Often in those moments, you'll notice answers to questions you may have had or insights you've been looking for. Sometimes those ideas pop into the mind later in the day or a few days later.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Freedom to Soar into Success

With the intention of supporting and sustaining your full and lasting progress, I am including a special lagniappe recording when you order the complete set of Hypnotic Metamorphoses: Soaring Success!

With complete commitment, you get immediate access to all of the hypnotic meditations mentioned above (including the ones that say coming soon, as soon as they are released — consider it VIP access) ... AND ... you will receive a bonus hypnotic meditation that brings the whole process together to solidify and propel your success. (Note: Soaring Success is only available as part of the complete Hypnotic Metamorphoses series. It will be delivered to you as an update in just a few weeks, giving you time to start realizing change by listening to one recording a few times every week.)

By deciding to commit to the complete process, you are demonstrating to your conscious, subconscious, and higher conscious that you are ready for true change — for a transformation that goes beyond thought, touches spirit, illuminates the heart & soul, and manifests in tangible results in your perception of the world around you.

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