About Me

By now you may be wondering about the person who'll be walking by your side through your particular crossroads...

Allow me to make a brief introduction.

I'm David Rojas.

I come from a background steeped in rich foods and rich traditions. Born and raised in The Crescent City as the youngest of four siblings in a family with roots in the Cajun & Creole marshlands of Louisiana and foundations in the cobbled streets of colonial New Orleans, I variably see myself as a culinary adventurer, human language technologist, life coach, son, partner, friend, ecological protagonist, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and dilettante in all things spiritual.  As is true for many people I know, my list of hats I wear on any given day goes on and on.

After completing my BA at the University of Alabama, I earned an MA in French Linguistics from The Louisiana State University, an MSc in Informatics, specializing in Language & Speech Engineering from The University of Edinburgh, and a PhD in Cognitive Science and Linguistics from Indiana University.  Language and its processing by the human brain have been an exciting curiosity for me ever since grammar school, really.  After working for some time in human-computer interaction, my focus returned to where it began: human-human interaction.  Note that the human on both sides of that hyphen might be the same one!  I received training in clinical hypnotherapy and neurolinguistic programming (NLP) from Michael Stevenson at Transform Destiny and then continued on to master's level training and certification with Bennett/Stellar University.  I also went through a transformational experience with Seattle Life Coach Training.  My life-long fascination with language structure and human communication continues today as I work primarily with internal and external conversations to open blocked roads and reveal the boundless potential of the path that lies ahead.

I have always been exposed to the importance of service, volunteering, and being a human for others.  In 2009, I became an international volunteer and continue to advocate for many global causes.  The quest for understanding and the desire to give of myself have led me on sojourns to several countries in Europe, The Middle East, Southern Africa, South & Southeast Asia, and South America.

My home base is now Seattle, while New Orleans is always home.  I am active in several not-for-profit organizations that benefit health concerns, the GLBT community, companion animals & wildlife, and humane outreach.