Rootwork: Oils & Gris Gris

To enhance the changes you're making in your mind and life with extra encouragement, think about the items in your environment that you have and use on a regular basis. Do they remind you to stick with the actions you're taking to achieve your goals? By the way, this could be your physical environment or your mental, emotional, or spiritual space.

If you're looking for a bit of unique assistance to manifest change, you may consider the benefits of working with metamorphosis oils or gris gris to support your efforts. Below are sets of condition oils and gris gris designed to attune, focus, and transform your awareness. These are excellent complements to one-on-one work with me or someone who follows my process to bring about powerful real world transformation from the comfort of a spiritually open and safe space.

They also correspond to and ideally complement the recordings you can download in these Hypnotic Metamorphoses.

In creating these oils and gris gris, the spirits of the individual herbs, roots, and minerals are called and honored independently, and then they are melded together. The conjunct of herbal elements is then recognized as an integrated force in the vessel, supporting the intention to align your mind, heart, body, and spirit to create change and maintain progress.

Every decorative bottle is meticulously adorned by hand with colorful thread whose knots are tied with prayerful intention. The vessel itself serves as a visual symbol for the conscious mind and subconscious mind to further focus your awareness.

Metamorphosis Oils

These condition oils are hand-crafted in alignment with astrological allies and temporal energies to support your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual transformations.

Every ½ oz. bottle is adorned by hand with visual reminders that further focus your awareness: a ribbon whose knots are each tied with powerful intention, a charm that serves as a visual, auditory, and tactile symbol for the subconscious mind, and a beautiful label designed by and featuring the imagery of acclaimed artist Terese Nielsen.

Metamorphosis Gris Gris

To greatly (and perhaps overly) simplify things, a gris gris can be considered a magico-religious charm or talisman that you use to support a desired metamorphosis you are creating in your mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual life. It can be worn on or near a part of the body relevant to the intention or wherever you feel drawn to keep it so you best bring about your desired outcome.

Each bottle contains a hand-written magical petition that has been dressed with a corresponding oil and prayed over. There are 6 ingredients in the bottle you will receive. The 7th is your own. You should add a small bit of personal material into the bottle (strand of hair, tiny piece of significant clothing, etc.). Once complete, the bottle can be sealed by melting the enclosed wax over the cork, signifying a consciously affirmed and signed contract with the work.

Each gris gris sachet also includes a small vial of hand-crafted condition oil for periodically dressing yourself, the bottle, and other items when working toward your intended purpose.

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These items are hand crafted following traditional practices of a rootworker, working with roots to get at the root of your presenting situation and assisting you to bring about the transformation you desire. If necessary, you are welcome to contact me to request a 20 minute consultation before you buy a set of the condition oils or a gris gris to support the transformation you seek.
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