Cognitive Crossroads will inspire your creativity, stimulate progress, and instill successful strategies so you can
  • make positive mental shifts 
  • create lasting behavioral changes
  • overcome unwanted fears or anxieties
  • navigate life, relationship, and career transitions
  • achieve your goals
  • realize your dreams
As you continue your journey through life and find yourself at any crossroads, I invite you to always keep your own best interests and your desired successful outcomes in mind.  Maybe you're considering a change of career, school, or location.  Perhaps you're wondering what the next steps are for a relationship you're in.  Or possibly you just feel too overwhelmed.

When you write or call to discuss how well we will work together, you'll be ready to find the appropriate intuitive combination of several techniques that will guide you as quickly as possible toward the successful accomplishment of your objectives.  My coaching style is as unique as you are and incorporates 
  • NLP (neurolinguistic programming)
  • Hypnotherapy  (WA Dept. of Health registration # HP60406383)
  • TIME Techniques™ / TimeLine Hypnosis™
  • DreamSculpting®
You can find out more about how Cognitive Crossroads can co-create success with you in several areas of your life while you read about the services you can benefit from and discover how you can evolve now.  I'd also like to offer you a personal introduction so you can learn about and virtually meet me before we have our first conversation.